100% Organic

The conversation process to organic crop has begun. We will earn our certification in 2018, after treating our soil in adherence with strict organic standards for the 3 required years


Il melograno è definito l’elisir di lunga vita poiché ricco di componenti antiossidanti decisamente benefici

100% Italian Product

Our fruits guarantee almost non-existent transport and transfer thanks to the proximity of our lands to the processing facility, ensuring absolute freshness.


Lome Super Fruit belongs to the fabulous Masseria Fruttirossi family. We find ourselves in the plentiful lands of Castellaneta. Our idea was born out of the desire to produce an organic crop. The starting point for us was the creation of the ideal environment for the intense cultivation of these super fruits: pomegranate with its arils, chokeberries, and goji berries.

This great challenge, as we like to call it, began from the ever growing demand from young people and adults for a market which is more attentive and informed on the origin of chosen foods, when compared to the past.


acres of cultivation


pomegranate plants


acres of Goji berries


Goji berries plants


acres of chokeberries


plants of chokeberries

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of pomegranate juice.


tons of fresh fruit of Pomegranate 100% Italian


Always Fresh

When they reach your tables, our superfruits maintain all of their original nutritional properties: as if freshly picked

Without Pesticides

Our promise is to invest in a sustainable agriculture, utilizing only elements and conditions present in nature and in order to preserve and protect the environment, we do not use toxic products.

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The fruits we grow follow a production line that requires nothing but attentive human care. Discover our products!

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Pomegranate – Fresh fruit

Pomegranate, apart from being a beautiful ornamental plant, has the ability to produce red fruits from different excellent properties. The pomegranate fruit is a true elixir for long life, which possesses great quantities of mineral salts such as manganese, potassium, zinc, copper and phosphorus. It’s rich in vitamin A, C, E and vitamins from the B group, strengthens the immune…

Pomegranate Juice – Classic Line

Pomegranate extract retain all of the beneficial and antioxidant properties which make this plant so special. Its juice, when drank away from meals, is the perfect snack, light and nutritious, for those who like to stay fit and follow a low fat diet. The convenient plastic bottles make this snack a perfect hunger-management habit to take with you. Discover everything…

Pomegranate aril seeds – Fresh

With convenient airtight containers, it is possible to enjoy fresh fruit taste whenever and wherever you want.

Pomegranate aril seeds – Fresh

With convenient airtight containers, it is possible to enjoy fresh fruit taste whenever and wherever you want.


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