All began from...

Our wonderful story started from the strong wish of to entrepreneurship pioneers: Bruno Bolfo and Michele De Lisi, the beating hearts and minds behind this ambitious project.

Masseria Fruttirossi was born in 2012: from the meeting of the bountiful Puglia lands, renowned for their optimal weather conditions, with the idea of an innovative and smart cultivation, gaining life from an agriculture pillar known for its production of fruits with beneficial and healthful properties, such as pomegranate, chokeberries and goji berries.

During the past few years, these marvelous fruits have become part of an awareness and culture that sees them as protagonists of great benefits, gaining a large share of the market in the GDO and even in the pharmaceutical sector.

In just a few years, the cultivated lands grew from tens  of ares to hundreds of acres, translating that passion for fruit in a concrete commercial activity, widely established in today’s market.

Our soil

Kissed by the warmth and sun of Puglia, our soil retain the rich properties of an ancient agricultural tradition, capable of giving light to luxurious fruits naturally.

Amidst the bountiful Puglia lands, in Castellaneta, our great bet takes flight: the processing facility is 28,000 square meters and 250 acres of cultivated land.

Our project was to succeed in installing a cultivation of products, which find their natural habitat in the Mediterranean sea’s arm, as requested from the current market: superfuits, they are defined this way because of their highly nutritional properties.

Our dream gave excellent fruits.